Media Acclaim



…for A Beckett Miscellany

“Listening to these charming suites, epilogues, fantasias, dances, toccatas, and trios by Canadian composer Ronald Beckett makes one realize just how far the neo-tonal counter-revolution has come. Written over a 23-year period, these are cheery, player-friendly “works to be shared” (in the composer’s words) employing baroque counterpoint, occasional minirealist rhythms, and lots of diatonic tunes. Arcady, a chamber group founded by Beckett himself, plays with bubbly energy.” -American Record Guide

“If Ron Beckett’s music is half as much fun to write as it is to hear, he must go around smiling all the time” -Richard Todd, Ottawa Citizen

“He has drive, energy, movement and motion all bundled up in old and new style writing that never leaves you bored.” -George Sandford,

“This CD demonstrates his solid craftsmanship and pleasant nature as a composer. Mr. Beckett should be commended for his creativity and obvious mastery at bringing people together to make music: a positive force.” -Larry Beckwith, WholeNote

“…intellectually stimulating music that is fun and pleasant to listen to.” -Murray Charters, Brantford Expositor

“Listeners who sometimes despair when listening to new music will delight in the beautifully lyrical music comprising A Beckett Miscellany.” -Robert Reid, Kitchener-Waterloo Record

…for Welcome Yule

“Welcome Yule reminds us that Christmas music remains vital not only because often during songs,carols and hymns from the past, but because of new music.” -Robert Reid, Kitchener-Waterloo Record

“Austere and beautiful in its long-ago way.” -James Reaney, London Free Press

“To me, it felt like he (Beckett) had tied the age of chivalry and the modern age together with a warm Christmas ribbon.” -Murray Charters, Brantford Expositor

…for Messiah

“The wonderful rhythmic sense that Arcady expresses is a delight to hear in music that is too often presented as solemn and stodgy.”-Murray Charters, Brantford Expositor

“The most energetic Messiah I have ever heard.” -Stephen Marvin, Historical Bows

“the composer would be proud…the singing voices are crisp and clear.” -Brian Whitman, Haldimand Press