Arcady extends this opportunity to those seeking professional experience and mentorship. Candidates may include singers, instrumentalists, composers, conductors, poets, and dancers. Candidates should be under the age of 35, a senior student or recent graduate of a university or conservatory, and demonstrate potential in their field. Location is not a factor as Arcady performs in a variety of Toronto and Southwestern Ontario locations. A unique curriculum is developed with each Emerging Artist in mind, designed to enhance their career in the most beneficial way.  Each Emerging Artist curriculum is based on this general outline:

  • Successful candidates will be featured in one or several Arcady performances during the year (varies by season)
  • Ensemble performance opportunities
  • Mentorship with seasoned performers
  • Opportunity to work with composer-in-residence Ronald Beckett
  • Opportunity to premiere new music by Ronald Beckett composed specifically with the Emerging Artist in mind.
  • Have a role in the planning and creation of performances
  • Training in career orientation, entrepreneurship, and the business of music
  • Opportunity to join subcommittees so that training is in ALL areas related to arts careers, not just performance
  • Through this program, Emerging Artists are able to attain performance credits and experience with a professional performing company in addition to making important industry connections and receiving artistic and career mentorship. Arcady is a forum and great collection of talent and contacts. Many of the mentors are themselves directors.
  • Emerging Artists are the second level of Arcady’s tier of mentorship yet work with all other levels. Their experience with youth is invaluable in preparing them for future teaching and directing careers.

If interested in auditioning for the Arcady RBC Emerging Artists Program please contact Ron Beckett at with a headshot, resume, and letter of intent. Submissions should be received by early fall. Auditions are held on an ongoing basis.

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