CD Recordings


Arcady has released three CD recordings on the Crescendo label: A Baroque Messiah (1999), Welcome Yule! (2001) and Ruth (2006). Welcome Yule! is a collection of Ron Beckett’s original Christmas compositions and arrangements. In 2002, Phoenix Records released the CD A Beckett Miscellany – a sampling of Beckett’s instrumental music performed by The Essex Winds and Arcady. Beckett’s works are heard regularly on Canadian classical music radio. These four discs (and track samples) are available for purchase by emailing


Genre: Classical: Choral Music / Release Date: 1999

A delightfully rhythmic and energetic performance sung with crystalline voices.

“The wonderful rhythmic sense that Arcady expresses is a delight to hear in music that is too often presented as solemn and stodgy.”-Murray Charters, Brantford Expositor

“The most energetic Messiah I have ever heard.” -Stephen Marvin, Historical Bows

“the composer would be proud…the singing voices are crisp and clear.” -Brian Whitman, Haldimand Press


Genre: Classical: Choral Music / Release Date: 2007

A tale of faith, loyalty, family and women’s strength adapted from the Old Testament story of Ruth.






Welcome Yule

Genre: Classical: Choral Music / Release Date: 2001

“Welcome Yule reminds us that Christmas music remains vital not only because often during songs,carols and hymns from the past, but because of new music.”-Robert Reid, Kitchener-Waterloo Record

“Austere and beautiful in its long-ago way.”-James Reaney, London Free Press

“To me, it felt like he (Beckett) had tied the age of chivalry and the modern age together with a warm Christmas ribbon.”-Murray Charters, Brantford Expositor

A Beckett Miscellany

Genre: Classical: Woodwind Quintet / Release Date: 2002

A collection of suites, epilogues, fantasias, dances, toccatas, and trios – charming and lyrical works performed with bubbly energy. 

“Listening to these charming suites, epilogues, fantasias, dances, toccatas, and trios by Canadian composer Ronald Beckett makes one realize just how far the neo-tonal counter-revolution has come. Written over a 23-year period, these are cheery, player-friendly “works to be shared” (in the composer’s words) employing baroque counterpoint, occasional minirealist rhythms, and lots of diatonic tunes. Arcady, a chamber group founded by Beckett himself, plays with bubbly energy.”-American Record Guide

“He has drive, energy, movement and motion all bundled up in old and new style writing that never leaves you bored.” -George Sandford,

“This CD demonstrates his solid craftsmanship and pleasant nature as a composer. Mr. Beckett should be commended for his creativity and obvious mastery at bringing people together to make music: a positive force.” -Larry Beckwith, WholeNote

“…intellectually stimulating music that is fun and pleasant to listen to.” -Murray Charters, Brantford Expositor

“Listeners who sometimes despair when listening to new music will delight in the beautifully lyrical music comprising A Beckett Miscellany.” -Robert Reid, Kitchener-Waterloo Record