Lydia Sharpe​ has always loved to write poems. She finds inspiration in her menagerie of farm animals, the interesting people she meets and the natural world. Lydia studied English literature at A- level in England where she lives with her family, and was truly inspired by the Romantic poet, Edward Thomas. She believes that poetry is one of the most truthful and freest forms of expressing oneself. Lydia is hoping to continue to study English Literature at University next year, continuing to explore the subject she loves. In addition to being a writer, Lydia is a keen athlete. She feels freest when running in the mountains, out in the natural world where there is plenty to inspire the next poem! Lydia’s best achievement so far was to compete for Team GB in the European Mountain Running Championships in Bulgaria in July 2013 where her team won silver.

Lydia was lucky enough to be amongst one of the few young people to have had their poem selected from a poetry contest back in 2011 by Ronald Beckett, to be performed in the Sick Song Suite. Lydia, an Arcady Emerging Artist in 2013, has been privileged to have been able to continue to write poems for Ronald Beckett, who has put more than 20 of them to music for Arcady’s next Emerging Artists.