Emerging Artist Testimonials

Arcady is putting in the time and effort to foster the next generation of musicians. The unique and varied performance experiences helped develop my skills as an artist, but the greatest benefit came from working with the exceptional and kind mentors that Arcady has to offer. Under their guidance I have developed my technical ability, my artistic interpretation, and my performance skills. I am pleased to share that when I started this program, I was very much still in the student phase of my career. Now, in part do to my artistic growth through Arcady’s Emerging Artist Program, I work full time as a musician.”
– Corey Cotter Linforth (2016-2017)

“Participating in Arcady’s Emerging Artist program, and being the winner of their 2019 Emerging Composition Competition holds much value to myself as a composer in many ways. It is often difficult for composers to hear their pieces live or to have an established and strong ensemble, like Arcady, perform and read through their work. Arcady presents lots of opportunities to emerging artists to get involved in professional settings.  I was so honoured to have my piece, Moonset, with text by E. Pauline Johnson premiered by Anna Boyes as part of Arcady’s Voices of Summer concert in Brantford. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity in my career development as an emerging, young, female composer in this competitive field.”
– Julijana Hajdinjak (2019)

“My time as an emerging artist with Arcady was invaluable. As someone who had recently moved to a new province, working with the ensemble helped me to build a network of colleagues and friends. Ron went out of his way to create opportunities for me, and was always immensely supportive and genuine. He also created challenges that were suited perfectly to the growth I was hoping to achieve. I am so grateful to have such a fine mentor and to work with such a fine group of people. Anyone who values the collaborative artistic process would love being a part of Arcady.”
– Michaela Chiste (2018-2019)

“In 2017, I was a music graduate living in Europe.  I successfully applied for Arcady’s Ruth International program.  Looking back now, I realize what a huge impact being a part of Arcady’s production of Ruth had on my life.  I arrived to this small town in southern Ontario I never heard of before to sing a role in this strangely beautiful modern opera. I came with no expectations and just hoped that it would be a nice experience. Looking back now, I feel so privileged and so thankful for this experience. Not only I got to work on a really beautiful piece of music with extremely talented and hard working musicians, I was also so lucky to be surrounded by kind and open hearted individuals. They all were there for me, opening their homes, ears and hearts to me. For that I will be forever grateful.  If it wasn’t for Arcady, I don’t think I would have been where I am today.”
– Michal Aloni (2017)

“The Arcady EA program has been an inspiring experience for me. I feel that performing with Arcady has given me the opportunity to develop as a singer in a safe space, but one which also has high expectations. Rehearsing and performing with Ron and the other singers has been extremely valuable in my development as a growing artist. I have relished having the opportunity to perform modern works written by Ron himself. Overall, I am thrilled and grateful to have had this opportunity and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Over the past year, I’ve experienced a truly enjoyable and exciting musical journey as an Arcady EA!”
– Kristen English (2014/15 Alumni)

“I love how Arcady gives musicians and other artists an outlet to channel their artistic endeavors. It has been rewarding to connect with Arcady members who have been in similar situations regarding their studies and career paths. With Arcady, the performing experience is always exhilarating! All in all, I’m performing and connecting with people who love music and love life. What more could I ask for?”
– Olivia Maldonado (2014/15)

“Arcady and Ron Beckett have been the greatest musical influence in my life. Without having had the Arcady experience as a young and aspiring musician, I may never have developed my talents, pursued a degree in music, and become the successful, professional musician I am today.”
– Heather Fleming (mentor)

“There is nothing like the spirit and mentorship Arcady offers and I will always be grateful to have my Arcady family as such a huge influence in my life. I recommend Arcady’s Emerging Artists program to all young musicians. It truly will be life changing.”
– Elise Naccarato (2013-2014)

“Through Arcady’s Emerging Artist Program my music was able to reach new audiences, I was able to make important connections and ultimately make significant strides in my career.”
– Katerina Gimon (2015-2016)

“It is immensely reassuring to witness a modern Bach (Beckett) challenging young musicians with material created right in their own lifetime by the person standing before them, material which is well crafted, fun to perform and pleasing to the ear.”
– Murray Charters (Ontario Arts Review)