“The Arcady EA program has been an inspiring experience for me. I feel that performing with Arcady has given me the opportunity to develop as a singer in a safe space, but one which also has high expectations. Rehearsing and performing with Ron and the other singers has been extremely valuable in my development as a growing artist. I have relished having the opportunity to perform modern works written by Ron himself. Overall, I am thrilled and grateful to have had this opportunity and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Over the past year, I’ve experienced a truly enjoyable and exciting musical journey as an Arcady EA!”
– Kristen English (2014/15 Alumni)

“I love how Arcady gives musicians and other artists an outlet to channel their artistic endeavors. It has been rewarding to connect with Arcady members who have been in similar situations regarding their studies and career paths. With Arcady, the performing experience is always exhilarating! All in all, I’m performing and connecting with people who love music and love life. What more could I ask for?”
– Olivia Maldonado (2014/15)

“Arcady and Ron Beckett have been the greatest musical influence in my life. Without having had the Arcady experience as a young and aspiring musician, I may never have developed my talents, pursued a degree in music, and become the successful, professional musician I am today.”
– Heather Fleming (mentor)

“There is nothing like the spirit and mentorship Arcady offers and I will always be grateful to have my Arcady family as such a huge influence in my life. I recommend Arcady’s Emerging Artists program to all young musicians. It truly will be life changing.”
– Elise Naccarato (2013-2014)

“Through Arcady’s Emerging Artist Program my music was able to reach new audiences, I was able to make important connections and ultimately make significant strides in my career.”
– Katerina Gimon (2015-2016)

“It is immensely reassuring to witness a modern Bach (Beckett) challenging young musicians with material created right in their own lifetime by the person standing before them, material which is well crafted, fun to perform and pleasing to the ear.”
– Murray Charters (Ontario Arts Review: June 19,20