Youth of Arcady


The Youth of Arcady typically take part in 2-3 major Arcady concerts per year, including a Christmas concert and a Spring fundraiser gala concert. There is no regular rehearsal schedule. Rather, rehearsals are scheduled in the weeks leading up to a concert. There is no cost and training is provided completely free-of-charge through a mentorship program that combines our professional musicians with those in the youth group. These represent unparalleled experiences for these young musicians and by not charging any membership fees, Arcady makes these opportunities available to all.

The Arcady youth training chorus was created during the summer of 2009. Performing in front of a full house audience on June 5, 2009, approximately 50 children (aged 7-teens) joined Arcady‚Äôs experienced chorus in a performance of the Canadian opera, Ruth, written and directed by Arcady director Ronald Beckett. The project was so successful that the group is now in it’s third season!